The Napa Junior Lacrosse Club (referred to as NJLC) is a volunteer based organization whose goal is to provide the youth of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NJLC is a member of the Northern Califo

Greetings from The NJLC

The Napa Junior Lacrosse Club (NJLC) provides the youth (age 6 - 18) of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NJLC provides players with a positive, fun and exciting experience that builds character and success. It accomplishes this by fostering commitment, good work ethic, team play and a positive attitude. We believe that winning is a byproduct of individual and team growth, and character development.


Registration is NOW open through November 30, 2017.   We have extended registration through December for first time players.   First practices begin in late January and are held 2 - 3 times mid-week.  First games are normally at the end of February or first week in March.   All games are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and are held in Napa and at surrounding clubs, normally within a 1 hour driving distance. 


The Club will sponsor a number of clinics in the Fall where boys and girls interested in the sport will have an opportunity to pick up a stick, give it a try and see if it is something they want play for a season. 

If you would like to be added to the email list or have any questions, email: 

Boys' program: Kevin Duffy at

Girls' program: Jon Edie at

The NJLC is a member of the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association.


We are working hard to have lacrosse offered in NVUSD high schools. Sign up online to stay informed about our progress!

As of November 16, 2017, we are making progress and expect to announce soon, the District's plan for adoption of the sport in the years ahead.  It is clear there will be no NVUSD teams at Napa or Vintage in 2018, so the only way to play the coming season and set the stage for future NVUSD teams is to sign up and play with the Force in Spring 2018.

More info to follow soon.

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